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Today, it seems, more developments are filled with look-alike Oklahoma City homes. These home design clones are made to suit the average Oklahoma City family... But your family isn't average-you have specific ideas about how you want your home to look. So why settle for a cliche when you can get a custom Oklahoma City home design that perfectly suits your family!

Your family is unique in every aspect. So why cram your five-person family into a three bedroom house or settle for a tiny galley kitchen when you love to cook. Oklahoma City custom home designs are your answer for getting the beautiful, functional house that's perfectly suited to your family. Your custom home designers can integrate your personal needs, and desires into a a one-of-a-kind home from scratch. They will work with you to identify the features, flow, and format you need in a custom home and then create the plans for a beautiful masterpiece of architecture that incorporates all of these things. When you're going to the expense of building your own home, why settle for anything less than perfect. Get the home of your dreams with Tulsa custom home design today.

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At Hoge Architectural Development, we have been in business for over thirty years and, over the last decade, have specialized in custom home design. Let The Hoge Group design the perfect Oklahoma City home for you.


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